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We live in an incredible time.

You have to pay to share on BitClout, where 15 thousand famous names, including Elon Musk and Barack Obama, have been converted into Cryptocurrency. Sequoia Capital and Andreessen Horowitz are among the venture’s investors.

However, since the accounts are transferred automatically, most of these names have not yet owned their Bitclout profiles, ie their own cryptocurrencies. For now, we have focused on the Bitclout, which is only entered by invitation.

Everything and everyone is money on this social network

Bitclout, which is currently in closed beta, is free to own your own cryptocurrency, but you have to pay for all the remaining transactions…

There is no point in which job you work; now we are racing with speed. From the delivery of the product, to the service we provide, even to the message we send in our personal lives. We are expecting a message from WhatsApp that the blue symbol flashes as if the world is at its end.

We want a photo we upload to Instagram to meet with our followers as soon as possible. When we call someone, the phone gets annoyed when the phone does not fall, we are trying to reach that person in different ways instantly.

While we…

The advent of the printing press in Turkey had taken a lot of time relative to the world. As someone living in Turkey I think we’re still going through a similar period. (Maybe we never came out of this period, who knows?)

In Turkey, people think the only building abot the Silicon Valley. We come from ignoring millions of dollars investments, scientific developments.

Technology is moving much faster than our country, unfortunately. Google’s driverless car has already started testing on public roads.

“What if your wristwatch tracked your mood, or your car sensed that you’re tired, or perhaps your fridge…

Have you ever answered the question, “How many hours a day are you spending on the internet?” I have not participated in many surveys for the last 1–2 years; I hope they have removed this question.

I guess they think something like “How many cigarettes a day do you have?” Even if we are not at the computer anymore, thanks to our smartphones, the internet is already with us at all times.

In the past, newspapers have had psychological results like “internet is addictive!” Or “internet makes people fool!” Especially traditional media like this news very much. …

Arda Çetin

Digital Communication Specialist, Trainer.

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